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When To Look For A Realtor?

So, when should you call a real estate agent?

When you first get the idea/ thought into your mind that you may be considering buying or selling a home is the time in which you should begin your search for a real estate agent that best suits you and your needs.

Here is why:

  • When you start this process, you need to be able to ask questions to the right person!

A realtor will be able to put your mind at ease by answering the influx of questions you may have regarding the process of buying and selling. For many of our viewers, it may be your first time buying, or your first time selling. In these case scenarios it is always wise to talk with a professional who knows the market and will advocate for you along your real estate journey.

  • " I don't know when I'm going to sell & I don't want to waste your time"

2 reasons why people often hesitate to call a realtor is because they don't want their phones to be blown up if they aren't in that position right now, and their fear of wasting our time. We want to give you a little bit of encouragement in this area. Our job here at the Keefer Fischer Team is to be of service to our community through education and mentorship. We love what we do, and being able to walk a potential home seller or buyer through what to expect in their process is what we are here to do! We pride ourselves on our reputation, and that other know we will do whatever it takes to allow our clients a smooth and easy process, while also ensuring they understand the process themselves along the way.


It's never too early to find your real estate agent. Feel free to call us today at 269-633-9243 to meet with one of our realtors today!



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