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Theee #1 Question we are Getting Right Now!

And its not... "How's the market?"

It's actually buyers asking our honest opinion of whether we think they should buy now or wait for interest rates to go down...

You may think we're bias because our answer is usually the same ---- although we do understand that everyone has different circumstances and this isn't a one-size-fits-all answer.

But really, honestly, we truly believe that it is a good time to buy. WHY?

  • less buyer competition

  • you can potentially get a home for lower than asking

  • seller paid closing costs can be negotiated

  • increased inventory to choose from than when interest rates are lower

Look, the interest rate isn't always going to be in the high-6's. You can potentially refinance when the lower rates come around.

If you want to talk more about whether or not now is "your time," we'd love to walk through that discussion with you and really see if you can take advantage of all those things we mentioned above.

Reach out via email, call or text us... lets talk!

Call/text: 269-633-9243!



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