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More Than Just Cheese + Crackers...

Maybe you have heard about the charcuterie board business The Grazing Table who has made it's mark on the well known downtown Kalamazoo Mall. Today, we got to interview owner Joey Gamrat, and this is what he had to say.

"Our dream is to become a staple in Kalamazo creating a space for all to gather, enjoy good food, and share laughter together” Joey explained how he loves that the business they once dreamed up, has transformed drastically to now be a gathering place for all. When Joey (25) and wife Jenna (26) first dreamed about opening up their business, they planned for it to be a location for individuals to pick up boards. That’s it. He wrote in their most recent blog post "the plan was for a commercial kitchen that would allow us to make boards and schedule pickups all at the same place. It was simple, it wasn't flashy, but it was something". To see what these young entrepreneurs have created in a years time has been absolutely incredible!

If you are like me, you may have assumed the GT was only for catering services or pretty cheese boards. I stand here corrected now knowing that this is one of Kalamazoo's hottest lunch spots! They offer foods for people with sensitivities or needs such as vegan, gluten free, nut allergies etc! The two individuals behind this business are ones who care about the inclusivity of the community- and are constantly making shifts and changes to better serve individuals who may struggle to dine other places due to dietary needs.

Aside from amazing food, GT offers a variety of workshops that are open to locals and businesses to plan team events (hello, sign us up)! From build a board workshops, to floral arrangements, and charcuterie & painting workshops- they are always hosting something fun to participate in!

We are excited to share that there may be talk of a Grazing Table expansion happening in the future! Until those details get spilled by Jenna and Joey themselves, you can support them this season by dining in, hiring them to cater an event, or buying small gifts from their shop!

Check out their socials HERE


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