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Local Grand Rapids Artist is Transforming Neighborhoods!

If you live in the Southwest Michigan area, you may have seen some new mural work on the side of local businesses over the past few years. These master pieces most likely have been created by local artist Paige Rochefort. Our marketing director Megan hired Paige in the summer of 2022 to paint a custom floral mural on the side of her garage facing the garden. The comments from her neighborhood and social media have been nothing less than outstanding.

The beauty of being in Real Estate is the opportunity we get to see individuals make thier houses their HOME. For Megan and her husband Chris, this included supporting a local artist and creating a magical backyard environement for them to enjoy year round. Though we know that murals on your home may not be for everybody, we thought we would share the talent and give the idea to others to hire a local artist to create a unique peice to your home or local business. Below are some images of Paige's work & who she is!

Bottom line: Local artists are individuals in our community that are so so important to support. Next time your dreaming up a change for your home, consider reaching out to a local artist. Buy a piece of custom artwork for a bedroom, look into mural work for your home or business, or even send them a message of kind words via instagram when you see their work around town. The Keefer Fischer Team loves supporting our community- and we are so thankful to the artists who share their talents with the world!

Paiges Instagram HERE Paiges Website HERE Her story HERE



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