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5 Tips for a Minimal Home

If any of you reading follow along in the interior home trends, you I'm sure have seen the rise in popularity regarding minimalism.

Though we know this is not for everybody- we figured some of our current, previous, and future clients may enjoy some information on how to create a minimal home in their current or future house.

Some may assume that they need a house with tons of storage to produce a minimal home feel- but the reality is, with the rise in minimalism in the household, what you truly need to establish this lifestyle is to live with the mindset of "less is more". Here are some tips from our Marketing Director Megan Cirvencic.

" I was at a point where I was having daily stress due to messes. I don't have children yet, but I was constantly being overwhelmed by piles of stuff in my home. My basement was a disaster, our attic had accumulated lots of dump piles consisting of home decor and seasonal goods, and don't even get me started on our garage". Here are her tips on how she changed her mentality and adopted the minimalist mindset.

1) Break up with your Junk.

"My husband and I had to sort through emotionally what we had sentimental attachment to, and if it was valid? Once we sorted through what was going to benefit our life and home, and what was just there because it was- we were able to get a great donation pile together, and even sell some great furniture pieces on Facebook Marketplace. This ignited a flame in us to really go room by room and purge the unneeded".

2) Dive into the Netflix, TikTok, & Youtube Videos

Megan explained how they then watched shows like "tidying up" with Marie Kondo on Netflix, and how finding others who were adopting this minimal lifestyle helped to build their drive and desire to do the same. Megan and her husband Chris actually went so far to apply the 33 item rule and created a seasonal capsule wardrobe for the both of them. This method is used by people who felt stressed trying to figure out what to wear, or those who felt like laundry consumed them. This minimal method is when you have a total of 33 items in your closet (yes, including jewelry & shoes)! If you want to learn more, click HERE.

3) Be intentional

Part of making a new lifestyle a habit is by setting your intentions. We all know that if you want to live a healthy lifestyle- you have to be intentional about what you put into your body, and how often you move it! This is a similar comparison, but instead of what you put into your body, the question you have to ask yourself is should I put this in my home?

" my biggest struggle was seeing home decor/furniture on sale. Coming from my background in design, I would pick up pieces from thrift stores with the desire to flip them, or to use them in a season for furnishing my home- but didn't truly pause to ask myself if I NEEDED it, or if it was just an impulsive want".

4) Quality over Quantity!

Going hand in hand with intentionality- Megan and her husband Chris shifted their mindset and began buying quality items over quantity. Not only did this apply to their wardrobes and home goods, but this mentality trickled into everything they purchased. They realized they weren't spending as much money on unecessary items- and began seeing a shift of them supporting more local small business shops, and grocery shopped weekly so that their fridge was organized and filled with fresh produce. This aspect of minimalism affected almost every area of their lifestyle.

5) Give everything a SPOT

Once their piles of un needed items were donated- they were able to go and give everything a spot! In the kitchen, dining room, bedroom etc- all items had a space. The changes of adopting a minimalistic home mentality allowed for them to live their daily life with less stress, and a calmer environment! They recommend to anyone who may feel overwhelmed by the everyday ordinary- to look into trying out a minimal approach in their house! A great place to start is on the capsule wardrobe. Megan says that she feels so much pressure released now that she is no longer swimming in laundry piles- or struggling to find what to wear every morning!



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