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How to Create a Home Gym You'll Actually Use!

An approach to designing a home gym should have one objective in mind: fun and positivity. Here is our Three Essentials for Your Home Gym. Keep in mind, some of you may be more interested in yoga or cycling, or other forms of exercise than we are, so your gym might look super different. Use this blog as a road map to set yourself up for success!

Step #1 Pick a Color Scheme For Your Space That Brings JOY!

Some first memories of gyms for many of us are the ones at a high school, which looked more like a prison than an actual prison (concrete, rusted metal, no windows). Interior Designers are so popular because they comprehend the reality that spaces make you FEEL a certain way.. I'll repeat that, spaces make you FEEL a certain way. They provoke feelings, some of comfort, cleanliness, ease- and other times spaces that make you feel, well, not so great... picking a color that you love for this space is the stepping stone to wanting to be in that area. Our marketing director Megan Cirvencic created a home gym with her husband Chris... want to guess the color they chose? PINK! But you better believe they are in there weekly enjoying that room they created for wellness in their home.

The second essential thing you must do when putting together a home gym, is having equipment to go in it! Ask yourself what workouts do you enjoy doing the most? Is it cycling, weight lifting, pilates, yoga, running? For many of us living in cold winter climates for months out of the year- we advise actually investing in equipment that will last you a long time. Check out funding options for peloton, or a subscription to an app! If you are balling on a budget or want to just give the concept a try before you go all out- check out the many free YouTube channels that offer classes of many kinds!

Lastly, DECORATE! Add artwork to your walls, hang plants, add your own personal touches to this space! Not only will it be a fun task to do- but it will make it feel good being in that space! Check out these photos of taking a plain home bedroom into an incredible PERSONALIZED home gym, and tell me it doesn't spark some desire to be in that space!

Let us know if this inspired you to create a magical workout space in your home! We would love to see photos of your final home gym!



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