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Best Paint Colors for Front Doors!

Your front door is not just an entrance to your home; it’s also an extension of your personality. It reflects your taste and style, welcoming guests with its charm and appeal. So, why not make it stand out? The exterior of your home, including your front door, plays a huge role in creating a lasting first impression. And, what better way to add some curb appeal than painting your front door with a bold and beautiful color that makes it pop? Here are some of the best paint colors to brighten up your front entrance and enhance its overall look.

Shades of Blue: If you want a serene and peaceful entrance, shades of blue are the way to go. Whether you choose a lighter tone like sky blue or a deeper shade like navy, blue front doors are perfect. Blue doors pair perfectly with various other exterior colors and styles, including white, yellow, gray, and brown. And, it gives the house a fresh and crisp look.

Shades of Red: For a vibrant and bold entrance, nothing beats red! Red front doors are eye-catching, playful, and are sure to stand out. With shades ranging from brick to burgundy, red doors are charming in every season, especially Fall. This color combo works well with lighter-colored exteriors such as white shingle, brick or stone and is a hit all year round!

Shades of Green: Green is an excellent color choice for a natural and earthy look that blends perfectly with your landscaping. From classic deep hunter greens to bright and playful light-green hues, Green is a versatile color that can be used with numerous exterior colors. Particularly, green front doors create an elegant and inviting entry in neighborhoods that have a lot of trees.

Shades of Yellow: Yellow front doors are upbeat and cheerful, adding a lot of personality to your home's facade. From a bright lemon yellow to a soft buttercup shade, the right yellow can turn a boring front door into a fun and playful entryway. Pair with black for drama, blue or gray for calm and white for a classic yet vibrant look.

Shades of Black: If your house has a neutral-toned exterior, a black front door adds a sophisticated and chic vibe. With its bold contrast, black doors can be paired with classic brick, stone or wood exteriors, and works great for a modern minimalist look. Be sure to use a gloss or high gloss black for that fabulous reflective finish.

A front door is more significant than we think, and painting it is a simple way to attract attention to your home's exterior. Experimenting with various colors and styles til you get the perfect one for you is fun and rewarding. Before committing to a particular color, consider your home’s surroundings, style, and personality. With these colors as inspiration, choose a color that's uniquely you and will make your home stand out on the block. A fresh coat of paint on your front door can add more value to your home's curb appeal than anything else. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up that paintbrush and let's color the entrance together!



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